Photo of the Day

September 23, 2008


Lilly Pads/©Jason Savage


Canon 5d MkII

September 23, 2008

The Canon 5d MKII was announced a couple days ago and has generated quite a buzz. 21 megapixels and a new and improved sensor have got a lot photographers excited by this new release. It looks like a fantastic camera and no doubt I probably will get one, but this never ending upgrade game in the digital world is getting to be a severe pain.

Especially for those who have invested thousands in their equipment and continue to move forward on the never ending merry-go-round of upgrades.

John Loomis touches nicely on this on his blog Drinking with a Dead Man. Link here.

As with John, I will save my thoughts on the video camera capabilities.

Photo of the Day

September 15, 2008

Peppers/©Jason Savage

Lightroom Enfuse

September 15, 2008

Hey if there is anyone out there using or experimenting with Lightroom 2.0, check out this cool plugin I ran across last week. Lightroom Enfuse is still in a somewhat experimental state, but so far I have had no problems. It works like a regular plugin in Lightroom and gives you full advantage of taking images directly from Lightroom into it’s HDR editing program. As of this post I am impressed. Let me know what you think.

Oh by the way, to unlock the trial version, you make a donation at your discretion. Pretty cool.

Check it out here


Well if this isn’t another doomsday sign of the times for photography stock agencies I don’t know what is…Photoshelter announced minutes ago that they will be closing their Stock Photography Marketplace, which frankly was a bit of a surprise.

If you haven’t been following Photoshelter they originally started out offering archival services and online portfolios for photographers. Last year they began their march into the stock marketplace with some innovative and unique marketing strategies such as their Photoshelter Widget (which was really cool) and expanded their advertising into just about every corner of the photography world.

They looked like they were on their way to becoming a leader in this redefined age of stock photography and were straddling up next to the table with some of the bigger agencies. I for one was excited about their fresh design and easy to work with site.

But this may be just another sign of the times and the difficulties that stock agencies face in the digital age. The micro agencies seem to be reigning supreme and have forced agencies such as GettyCorbis and a host of others to change their business models. However it will remain to be seen if these these new innovations and changes will enable the bigger agencies to survive the storm. 

In our current web environment, things are cheap, cheaper and free.  A lot of us are aware of this and ad agencies, designers, etc. are not excluded. 

It may be a pain to wade through a ton of bad photographs at a micro agency, but if you find a usable image for a few bucks vs. a few hundred your ad budget gets a whole lot more interesting. 

It will be interesting to see what happens in the future, but with this latest announcment from Photoshelter, it may be just another sign of the times. Either jump on the wagon or go by the wayside seems to be the theme…

Here’s a link to the official statement.

Photo of the Day

September 9, 2008

Grass/©Jason Savage

Hay…From Montana

September 9, 2008

Self Portrait/©Jason Savage

Just finished up a weekend of shooting and found myself Sunday night roaming around a hay field near Three Forks, Montana. At some point you would think that after photographing landscape photography around this state you would reach your breaking point for acquiring one more shot of a field of hay bales. But alas, I guess I am a sucker for big bales of hay.

Hay Bale/©Jason Savage

Fall is coming so I will be spending some more time on the road and working on a few projects. I also hope to get back to the blog more frequently as my time lately has been occupied by a four month old. He seems determined from letting me sneak a quick post in, so in the meantime bear with me…